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At Eye Q Optical, our eye exams utilize the newest and most advanced eye equipment in the industry, along with the best eye doctors to ensure that your prescription is measured quickly and accurately. Quality eye exams for the whole family is very important, as such all adults and adolescents should have eye exams on a regular basis to check for eye health problems. More than just checking your vision, regular eye exams help detect glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts and diabetic retinopathy among other health problems. When you visit our office in Cooper City, you can be sure you will receive the highest quality comprehensive eye examinations for children and adults from licensed and board-certified optometrist Dr. Wafa Abdulrazzaq. At Eye Q Optical, you can trust your vision and eye health to our board certified optometrists.



During an eye exam, an eye doctor reviews your medical history and completes a series of tests to determine the health of your eyes. These tests range from simple ones, like having you read an eye chart, to complex tests, such as using a high-powered lens to examine the health of the tissues inside of your eyes. Our eye optometrists recommend you have a complete eye exam every one to three years, depending on your age, risk factors, and physical condition. If you wear prescription glasses or contacts, bring them to your appointment along with a pair of glasses for the trip home in case your doctor need to dilate your pupils.


Here are some routine tests that your doctor may do to assess your vision and eye health:

  • Retinoscopy - To obtain an approximation for your eyeglass prescription, we would perform a Retinoscopy. This test estimates which lens power will best amplify your distance vision.
  • Refraction - This test would be used to determine the exact eyeglass prescription for you. The refraction determines your level of hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia.
  • Cover Test - The cover test is the simplest (and most common) way to determine how efficiently your eyes work together. During these tests, we will assess whether the uncovered eye must move to pick up the fixation target, which could indicate various illnesses that we would look into.
  • Slit-Lamp Examination - This examination uses the slit lamp to examine the structures of your eye under high magnification. A variety of conditions and diseases can be detected with the slit lamp exam, including cataracts, macular degeneration, corneal ulcers, etc.
  • The Glaucoma Test - When it comes to Glaucoma, there are typically no warning signs until you’re already losing sight. For this reason it is very important to have routine eye exams.
  • Visual Field Test - Visual acuity tests are performed to measure the sharpness of your vision. This usually includes the well known eye chart composed of letters and numbers.
  • Dilation - Pupil dilation tests are extremely important as they allow for the most detailed evaluation of the health inside of your eye. This is useful mainly for those with increased risk factors for eye disease.


If you’re in need of a comprehensive eye exam, come visit Dr. Wafa at Eye Q Optical in Cooper City, Fl and experience an overall diagnosis and/or improvement in vision. Schedule an appointment or call us at (954) 434-1414!


Some experts estimate that approximately 5% to 10% of pre-schoolers and 25% of school-aged children have vision problems. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), all children should have their eyes examined at 6 months of age, at age 3 and again at the start of school.



  • Laser vision correction evaluations
  • Diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases
  • Dilation
  • Refraction
  • Glaucoma detection using the most advanced GDXVCC machine technology
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